Our Next Event

We will have our first youth empowerment meeting on Friday September 13th, 2013 from 4pm - 7pm.

Location:  The Center - Riverside
                 6864 Indiana Ave.
                 Riverside, CA 92506


The Empowered Youth Project is  for youth, about youth, and by youth. It is a safe
space for Inland Empire youth to create their own group with adult over-sight.

 It is a place for youth of all races, sexes, sexualities, and genders to feel safe making friends and sharing life experiences.

 All youth 12 - 24 are welcome to attend.

 There are 3 youth leadership positions, that will be elected by the membership each December. This year, those youth leaders will be elected in October 2013 and remain as leaders until the December 2014 vote.

 Nominations for the 2013 vote will be accepted through the end of August.


Dances, Parties, Open Mic, Field Trips, Movie Night's, Safe Sex Ed, and more.